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Dale Hanson Burke Strong Girls Strong World

Investing in the life of a girl can bring about global change.

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Through a lens all of us can understand—the lives of our own daughters and granddaughters—Dale Hanson Bourke brings into focus the hardships, obstacles, and threats faced by girls growing up in resource poor communities around the world. Some of what she shares is heartbreaking, but much of it is filled with hope. Progress is being made and Dale points us to practical actions we can take to help lift up a generation of strong girls who will make the world stronger. With more children in crisis in the world today than ever before, Dale’s is a message we need now.

Michael J. Nyenhuis
President and CEO, UNICEF USA

As I’ve traveled the world I’ve seen over and over again that girls face tremendous disadvantages, but manage to overcome them in amazing ways. So often they need just a little help. This inspiring and practical book gives us all the opportunity to invest in the future of girls.

Patricia Heaton
Actress and Advocate

Strong Girls Strong World is an important book about a simple truth: girls face monumental challenges around the world just because they’re girls. Yet, we don’t have to sit idly by – we all have the ability to change the world if we choose to act.  Strong Girls Strong World is an easy-to-read guide to learn more about the issues affecting girls and discover practical ways to make an effective difference today.

Margo Day
CEO, Co-Founder, Mekuno Project
Former VP, US Education, Microsoft

“What would it take to create a better, safer and stronger world for our children and grandchildren? I have come to believe that their future wellbeing may depend on one simple commitment – to help girls and women realize their full, God-given potential and to make them equal partners in leading our communities, institutions and governments. Regrettably, since the Garden of Eden we have left fully half of our most creative, gifted and capable leaders sitting on the bench. But what if – what if we committed to correcting that by investing in girls and women – in their education, their health, their safety and their opportunities? Dale Hanson-Bourke believes that girls can change the world and so do I. This is a book you need to read and then buy extras to give copies to your friends.”

Richard Stearns
President Emeritus of World Vision US,
author of The Hole In Our Gospel and Lead Like It Matters To God.

When we think of the plight of the girl child globally, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the lack of progress toward equality and access to resources to meet basic needs. What can one do? Why should we care? My organization works to address these very concerns, but we need other truth-tellers to amplify a collective, urgent voice that this work is far from done.

Filled with compelling statistics, stories from her own personal life and from girls overcoming challenging circumstances, Dale gives us all the right reasons for why we should care — and why investing in a better future for girls around the world improves life for us all.

Martha Holley Newsome
President & CEO, Medical Teams International

Dale Hanson Bourke approaches the challenging issues facing girls today with the skill of an experienced author, the passion of an activist, the grace of a person of faith, and the heart of a grandmother. If you agree with Dale and me that the disadvantages and burdens on girls around the world are unacceptable, please read this book to find out exactly how we can help them soar.

Edgar Sandoval Sr.
President and CEO of World Vision

Girls around the world deserve the opportunity to put their God-given talents to full use, no matter what their birth circumstances. Dale Hanson Bourke’s thoughtful book guides us all in how we can be part of creating those opportunities, thus creating a better world for us all.

Atul Tandon
CEO of Opportunity International

Dale Hanson Bourke is well known as a lifelong advocate for women and girls. In Strong Girls, Strong World Dale makes the case that we must all act now to do our part to help girls reach their full God given potential. In this beautifully written book she also gives us practical ways to support girls and the organizations committed to making sure girls are included in every aspect of their work. This is a call to action for all of us to recommit our efforts to women and girls and thus ensure a better future for everyone.

Scott Jackson
President & CEO Global Impact